Changing Your Feed Email Time: Quick Tip Monday


Today I’m going to show you a little trick with Feedburner. I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that most of you are using Feedburner for your RSS feed, and for managing email subscriptions to your blog. If not…this trick won’t work. But if you do, this may help your click and read rates on your blog posts.

(If you don’t have an email subscription on your blog, and you want a quick tip on how to do that – let me know and I’ll post that as a tip on a different day).

What I discovered, after subscribing to all of my own blog’s “stuff,” was that my emails containing my blog posts were going out to subscribers at 3 p.m. in the afternoon.


Is anyone reading blogs at 3 in the afternoon? I’m not! I’m usually shuttling kids back and forth from somewhere. Not a good time, at least not for my readership.

I learned, though, that it’s a setting within Feedburner that is easily changed – if you can find it. That’s what I’m showing you today.

1. Log into your Feedburner account. Click on the Publicize tab at the top.

2. Click on Email Subscriptions in the left sidebar.

3. Beneath Email Subscriptions, several options will appear. Click Delivery Options. You’ll see this screen.

Make sure your time zone is set correctly, and then select the time you want your feed emails delivered from the next drop-down menu. You’ll see that I have mine set to go out first thing in the a.m. CST right now.

4. Hit Save and your blog post emails will now go out at the new time!

What’s nice about this feature is that you can play with the times that the emails go out very easily and see what works best. You can watch your clicks and stats from the main Feedburner page and track whether you have improved conversion at certain times of the day. If you don’t, you can try another timeframe.

Have a terrific blogging week!


Blogosphere Roundup, 2/25



"blogosphere roundup"

Is anyone else in disbelief that February is almost over already? I’m still writing checks dated 2010. Sheesh! Anyway, I’ve got some more fun articles for you this week. Check it!

Blogging Tips

What To Charge For Stuff. Mommycosm has this great info post on what she charges for various reviews, giveaways and social media. While this wasn’t posted this week, it can help you newbie bloggers some idea of what people charge for various blogging and social media activities.

Balancing Personal Blog and Paid Work. Miss Britt wrote over at Mom Blog Magazine this past week about how to keep a balance between your personal blog and any paid work you might secure. I found this so helpful and encouraging! 

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts. If you write for more than one blog, or have multiple Twitter accounts, or feel generally schizophrenic in your social media…read this.

Social Media

13 Social Media Truths That’ll Make Jaws Drop. Fascinating compilation of statistics about social media and how powerful it is.

Too Much Noise? This is a thoughtful post from Convince and Convert about the competition for readers’ attention in social media and how important it is to make sure you’re delivering stuff that’s of value. “Noise” in social media is a big topic right now!

Blogging As a Business – News

Avoid Facebook Scams. While this isn’t directly related to blogging, this post from The Blog Herald, which keys you in on how to avoid Facebook scams, is a worthwhile read. 

Mega Bloks Moms Panel Search.  Looking for a brand ambassadorship? I wrote this post over at ShePosts about MEGA Brands seeking mom bloggers for its mom panel.

Get Paid By BlogHer. I also wrote an article on Friday about how to submit your blog writing to BlogHer for consideration for syndication (and pay!).


Talk Back To B2B. Please?

"talk back to business 2 blogger"Okay. Consider this my 30-day review. And you’re my boss.

But you’re not allowed to fire me, okay? Thanks.

Anyway, I’ve been managing the B2B blog for about a month or so now. I’ve got a loose weekly schedule of blog tips, discussion topics and our weekly news roundup locked and loaded.

Some of you have started commenting here as well as retweeting some of the posts you’ve found helpful – and I greatly appreciate the feedback as well as the support!

But I’d like to hear more about the content we’re providing overall and whether it’s working for YOU and your blog. So, start talking back to me.

Do you like the Quick Tip Monday content? Is it too basic or too advanced? Are there specific topics you’d like to see covered?

How do you feel about the discussion topics on Wednesdays? We’ve covered a wide range of things like getting paid for your blogging work, Crowdtap, Klout and more. Do you like this feature? Should I work in some other ideas, like maybe featuring useful e-books on blogging?

Finally, how’s the news roundup working for you? Do I include too many links, or not enough? Are there other general topics you’d like to see included?

Feel free to leave a comment on this post, or you can tweet me at @akludgymom, or email me at if you want to connect directly.

I really, really want this blog to be of value to you and a resource you come back to again and again. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Writing Compelling Tweets


Have you ever written what you thought was the ever, and it hardly got any traffic?

I know I’ve been there, and it can be extremely discouraging.

Early on in my Twittering, it would happen a lot. I’d tweet out my new blog post and hardly anyone would read it, let alone retweet it.

Then I started paying attention to the tweets that I was responding to. The tweets that screamed “click me,” the tweets that made me HAVE to know what the post was about.

As with any good advertising, they motivated me to take an action. There are lots of ways to create tweets that will encourage YOUR readers to take action.  Today, I’ll give you 6 ideas on how to approach your tweets.

1. Summarize the post. Blog titles do not always make for great tweets, especially if they’re long. Try writing the tweet so that it summarizes what the post is about.

Instead of: “I made a chicken noodle soup today with herbed crostini:″

Try: “Hungry? I’ve got chicken noodle soup on the menu.″

2. Use hashtags. Remember that a lot of people use hashtags to search for things on Twitter. If you’re using good hashtags, your tweet (and post) has a better chance of being found. is a great way to put in a word as a hashtag and see how it’s currently being used on Twitter or if it’s trending.

So, building on our example above, instead of: “Hungry? I’ve got chicken noodle soup on the menu.″

Try: “Hungry? I’ve got chicken noodle #soup on the menu. #recipe″

3. Use descriptors. While you don’t want to sound like a used car salesman, a little bit of descriptive terminology can go a long way in whether a tweet is clicked on.

Let’s modify again. Instead of: “Hungry? I’ve got chicken noodle #soup on the menu. #recipe″

Try: “It’s cold out there! Savory and easy chicken noodle #soup will keep you warm. #recipe″

4.Get random. Sometimes, it’s best to not be entirely straightforward with your tweet. Pull an unusual element or term from your post and make that the thrust of your tweet.

Instead of: “I made a chicken noodle soup today with herbed crostini:″

Try: “An amazing concoction that is perfect for a cold day. #soup #recipe″


“It’s all about the broth. #recipe #soup″

5. Use intrigue. People always want to get to the bottom of a mystery. If you can ask questions with your tweets or tantalize Twitter with the unknown, people will click on them to get the answer.

Instead of: “I made a chicken noodle soup today with herbed crostini:″

try: “Are you wondering what I spent my morning doing?″

or “Find out why I’ll never eat Campbell’s again.″

6. Ask for it. Sometimes, simple is best. Just plain old asking people to read what you wrote works just fine.

Instead of: “I made a chicken noodle soup today with herbed crostini:″

“Hey, Tweeps! Will you come check out my post on #soup today? Thanks!″

Obviously, don’t try all 6 techniques in one tweet. But what’s fun about Twitter is that you can play around with different techniques at different times of day and see what gets you a response. It’s not a bad way to hone your writing, either.

But remember, the best way to get tweets and retweets is to write compelling, quality content. The best tweet in the world is only going to get retweeted if the blog post behind it has value!

Happy tweeting!


Blogosphere Roundup, 2/18

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through February already? Wow. This week was a busy news week (aren’t they all?). Check out what I’ve got for you today.

Blogging Tips

Is Social IQ Hurting Your Blogging? Maybe the problem with your blogging is your low social media intelligence. That’s what this gal over at Copyblogger seems to suggest! Interesting.

Link Checker Tool. Daily Blog Tips walks you through a great tool to check the sites that link to you! Very useful.

Get Your Black Belt in Blogging. Another great article from Daily Blog Tips that likens success in blogging to achieving a black belt.

Facebook Fan Page Updates. I was going to write a post about walking thru all of the new features of the FB fan page, but SITS beat me to it. And did a better job than I would’ve done. Enjoy!

Social Media

Twitter Tips. A very informative post over at Shout Me Loud about tips for being more effective – and genuine – on Twitter.

Twitter v. Facebook: A Picture. This is an AWESOME infographic from Bit Rebels about the demographics and usage of Twitter v. Facebook.

Getting Your FB Feed Adjusted:  Facebook adjusted how it displays your news feed again. V3 tells you how not to be invisible on people’s feeds (so far, only applies to personal accounts and not fan pages!)

Does Engaging Really Work on Twitter? Dan Zarrella’s data suggests that the concept of Twitter engagement might very well be a Twitter myth. :)

Twitter Tips! Nina Badzin writes some great basic beginner’s tips for Twitter!

Blogging News

Working with Brands. This is a must read piece from Mom Blog Magazine if you’re thinking about seeking out conference sponsorships with brands!

JC Penney: Busted By Google! Looks like JC Penney tried to play the SEO game a bit too hard recently. Read all about what they did and how Google responded.

Do Bloggers Deserve To Be Paid? Another good piece from Mom Blogger Magazine all about the factors you should look at when assessing your worth as a blogger.

Web-Based Access to Blissdom. Did you miss out on Blissdom ’11? They’re selling the content in a web-based format so you can get all of the great info without having to fork over hundreds of dollars to attend the conference…or get out of your pajamas!

Have a great weekend, peeps! And if you found any fantastic reads this week…leave a comment!