Madlin Mangrum
CEO & Brand Strategist

Madlin Mangrum came to America at age 14. Her dad wanted her to dream big so they moved to Texas. She became a lawyer but her favorite graduation gift was the book "101 Things to do with a Law Degree". With 101 options she chose to join her husband in a series of entrepreneurial ventures...

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Stephanie Blake
VP of Operations

Stephanie Blake took to technology like a fish to water. As soon as her little fingers were introduced to her first computer, it was love at first click. It seemed like a natural progression for her to fall head long into the World Wide Web – where she found her passion for all things technology...

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Mark Mangrum

Mark Mangrum preached his first sermon at 3 years old. After the offering plate came back nearly empty, he quit, but continued to travel with his missionary parents. He joined the Navy to be a spy...

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Shauna Callaghan

Shauna Callaghan is a founding partner of Business 2 Blogger. She specializes in WordPress website & blog design at Designs by Shauna and runs SERVOUSLY, a premium Wordpress hosting platform. She has been working with bloggers to meet their design, development and hosting needs since 2008. When she isn’t being nerdy on the Internet, she is doting on her family and enjoying her people.

Holly Homer

Holly Homer has been a blogger since 2007. It started out as a replacement for her expensive scrapbooking habit and turned into a full time job that she loves!

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