Affiliate Program

Do you get emails every day from businesses & PR companies offering you things that you aren’t interested in?

You don’t want to burn any bridges with these brands, so you spend your valuable time sending emails back with the default “Thanks, but I’m not interested.  Good luck!”

SO much time. SO many emails.  We’ve been there.

What if you could make money simply by referring those companies to Business 2 Blogger??!!

It makes perfect sense.  I mean that is why we started this company, anyway.

Join the B2B Affiliate Program!!

The B2B Affiliate Program enables you to refer your business contacts to Business 2 Blogger to find interested bloggers for their promotion.  You are doing them a favor, really.

  • Earn an industry-leading 30% Commission from every purchase that business makes on the Business 2 Blogger website!
  • Your referral link NEVER expires.  Ever.

How does the Affiliate program work?

  • We use for reliability of management and affiliate payments.
  • You sign up for a free account
  • We provide you with buttons, banners and text links
  • One of the most effective ways is simply responding to your spam email
  • You use these links/tools to let your business contacts know about B2B
  • And when they spend with B2B, you earn 30% of the sale!

How can you promote your affiliate link?

  • Email your link to your business/brand contacts
  • Respond to brand emails and send them your link to B2B
  • Post your button or banner on your Blog
  • Facebook or Tweet your link
  • Add a button or text link to your email signature

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