Blogger Outreach

Question: How much is your time worth?

Conversations with PR professionals over the years on the topic of Blogger Outreach always seem to end up at the same conclusions: that it is an absolutely necessary part of their overall social media strategy, and they have spent an unbelievable amount of time searching for and pitching hundreds of Bloggers to just end up with 2 or 3 who are interested in working on the project.

So here is the problem.

There are 2 parts of Blogger Outreach that people are still making unnecessarily difficult. I think they simply view these steps as “the norm”, and therefore are just accepting these hugely labor-intensive parts of the process.

The Time-Sucking Black Hole of Blogger Outreach.

1. Endlessly Googling Bloggers who may be interested in working with you, and
2. Pitching those Bloggers.

The current standard approach involves Googling until your fingers bleed, filtering and tracking your way through countless “Top 100″ lists, and then reaching out to each Blogger and pitching them individually in the hopes that they want to work with you, and build this all-too-important relationship. It is not uncommon to go through this process 200-300 times before finding 2 or 3 bloggers who want to work with you, and only then can you begin to build relationships with them.

Isn’t your time worth more than that? Sure, you could hire someone to do the dirty work for you, but maybe…

There’s an easier way.

How does using Business 2 Blogger save you time and money?

1. Post your need or project on the Business2Blogger Job Board.
2. Thousands of Bloggers come through to see if they are a match for your requirements, and then apply to work with you.
3. You review your list of Blogger Applicants, and find all of their blog metrics waiting for you… Google PR, Klout, Alexa, Twitter and Facebook following, geographical location, and more.
4. You pick ONLY the ones you like, and that you want to work with.
5. You contact your Bloggers. And you don’t have to pitch them, because they already know what you want, and are ready to start!