Introducing: Mom Blog Money Blog Series

Do your blogging goals for the new year include making money, growing your community, and/or increasing traffic on your blog?

If so, you will want to join us for the Mom Blog Money Blog Series we will be starting on January 7th, 2013.

Mom Blog to Money Blog
What will this series be about you ask? Well, it will be based on the plethora of information from the Mom Blog Money Blog Workshop.

Mom Blog Money Blog Workshop

Laurie Turk, the mastermind behind, has figured out this whole blogging thing. She earns a passive income of over $12,000 a month – yes, you read that right. To help all the other bloggers out there Laurie created an online workshop called Mom Blog Money Blog where she lays out everything you need to be successful in the blogosphere including “how to brand, make money, create community, and generate traffic through the different zones of your blog.”

The workshop includes:

-30 days of teaching with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to complete each task.

-16 Checklists and Printables to help you stay organized and on course.

-17 How-to Videos to help you follow along with Laurie so you know you did the step correctly. 

The B2B Mom Blog Money Blog Series

For 30 days (starting on January, 7th 2013) we will post daily following the schedule in the workshop. The B2B posts are designed to be supplemental to the course and to create a group setting where we can work through the steps together and help each other. We will also do some Google + hangouts with information from the course.

The team

To help bring in different points of view, opinions, etc. we have enlisted some other bloggers to contribute posts for the series. So, in no specific order, here is the group of bloggers and the blogs they can be found at:

Holly Homer – Business 2 Blogger, Kids Activities Blog, June Cleaver Nirvana, She is Dallas, and dfw bloggers - Holly can be found on Twitter at @Texasholly.

Jessica Torres – My Time as Mom, One Martini at a Time, and Business 2 Blogger - Jessica can be found on Twitter at @mytimeasmom.

Crystal – Crystal and Comp - Crystal can be found on Twitter at @CrystalandComp.

Kelli Miller – 3 Boys and a Dog, 3 Boys and a Dog Deals, and  Southern Mom Cooks - Kelli can be found on Twitter at @momof3boys3702.

Randi Dukes – Dukes and Duchesses - Randi can be found on Twitter at @DukesnDuchesses.

Haley Shivers – Love Life Family and Then Some - Haley can be found on Twitter at @haleytweetstoo.

Christine Cook – The D.I.Y. Dreamer - Christine can be found on Twitter at @theDIYdreamer.

What you need to do

Are you excited about this series? We are! So, here’s what you need to do…

1) Sign up for the Mom Blog Money Blog course.

2) Follow along with us everyday starting 1/7/13 as we work through the course.

3) Provide feedback on the posts with your questions, concerns, excitement, enthusiasm, and/or anything else you want to say.

4) And of course share this with all of your friends! The more the better so that we can all be successful together.

We are looking forward to this series and hope you are too!

Happy New Year!

Note, the above links for the workshop are affiliate links. 

Mom Blog to Money Blog Online Workshop GIVEAWAY!

I am super excited about what I am announcing today:

We are GIVING away a Mom Blog to Money Blog Online Workshop worth $199!

Mom Blog to Money Blog

It was created by my dear {and brilliant} friend Laurie Turk of

She is making in excess of $12,000 a month in passive income on her blog.  Yes, you read that right.

In this course she takes you through each and every step she took to achieve that blog income.  I know that it works because I have been using parts of her system over the last year at one of my blogs and my traffic has increased by 350% resulting in a significant increase in MY passive income…and it is continuing to grow.

To enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

That is NOT our only announcement today!

Starting in January, we will be leading a series based on the 31 Steps in Mom Blog to Money Blog on the Business 2 Blogger blog!

If you are interested in being one of the leading participants, there happens to be a job on the board right now for that very thing! You can apply here.

Oh, and if you feel unlucky or want to beg ask for one for Christmas, there is a 10% discount code: MONEY

Good luck!

Basic SEO for Bloggers with Holly Homer & Laurie Turk

Each Wednesday morning at 10:30 am CST, I host a G+ Hangout on various blogging and social media topics.  Today I thought it would be fun to embed that conversation LIVE here.

The good news is that even if it isn’t 10:30 am CST where you live, you should be able to watch the conversation and hopefully get some information that is helpful.

Here we are:

The G+ Hangouts are hosted each week on my page:  Holly Homer

Today we are visiting with my dear friend Lauri Turk who is GREAT at all this SEO stuff.

If you have questions you want us to address in the future {or live today} please leave a comment!

Affiliate Program Changes

We truly appreciate your continued support and promotion of B2B.  Since it’s beginnings, our service has been promoted primarily through YOU!  As a thank you, we have made a few changes to our affiliate programs.

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Half OFF Sale

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SEO Tip – Your Title and Post URL.

A quickie SEO tip today from your pals over at B2B.

Although each of us Bloggers is convinced that we are the funniest, most engaging, and dare I say, CUTEST blogger out there, Google has a funny-and-yet-insulting habit of disagreeing with us.

So after you decide whether or not your blog post is even going to be SEO-worthy, you’ll then need to make sure you do the most important things right. And those are…

Your Post Title, and
Your Post URL.

There are plenty of things to consider when optimizing your SEO, but these two are by far the most important.

Your post title should be appropriate to the post content, obviously, but more importantly it should contain the keywords you are trying to capture visitors with. And herein lies the problem: If you decide that you really want to land on the first page of search results when people search for the word “business”, I have a startling revelation for you.

Ain’t gon’ happen.

Instead of trying to target something so broad, go in search of the long-tailed keywords that will allow you to capture search hits without trying to battle the entire internet in a pick-me-free-for-all.

Pick a long-tailed keyword phrase that is appropriate to your post content like “start a duck-calling business”. The trick to finding these phrases is playing with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, and looking for popular search phrases with low competition. Then, place that phrase as close to the beginning of your post title as you can.

As far as the Post URL is concerned, I then have good success simply using the Post Title in the Post URL, with hyphens in between the words, which is the default we set up in WordPress. For instance, you can see that the URL of this post is:

Remember, there is plenty more that is important when writing an SEO-attractive post, but this by far is the most important place to start. Back soon with more!

Google Analytics: Measure Social Media

Google Analytics has recently released some new features.  We are especially excited about their new Social Analytics feature!

Measure the value of social media with Google Analytics
A new set of Social reports help you measure the impact of your social marketing initiatives and evaluate the effect social media has on your Goals and Ecommerce activities. The 4 new reports aggregate key data points to help you see the complete picture of how social marketing and media affect your business. You’ll find the Social Value Overview, Social Sources, Social Plugins, and Conversion Reports in the Traffic Sources section of your account.

As a business or a blogger, knowing the details of your website traffic, is very important. It is great to have a new tool for tracking our social media efforts.  Find out if the hours you are spending on Twitter or Facebook are doing your blog justice! (I know they aren’t doing my dishes any justice.)
Learn more over at Google Analytics!



Customize your Facebook Timeline Page

So Facebook, in all their infinite wisdom, is forcing all business / brand pages into Timeline format on March 30, 2012, sending developers and Social Media Managers (like me!) everywhere scrambling to fix their clients’ pages.

Timeline offers many new features and opportunities for designing a brand page, but it has omitted one popular feature of the old page, the ability to build “splash”, or “landing” tabs. No longer can you have your visitors land on a custom welcome tab that encourages them to “like” your page. In fact, Facebook has gone so far as to put restrictions in place for the design of your “Cover” image that sits at the top of your page: no including any information that should be included in the About link. Now we’re gonna have to get creative, folks.

One little known feature that exists in Timeline, however, is the ability to create a custom “Tab” or “Tile”, that sits next to your Photos Tile. In fact, I believe you can build 4 or 5 of them. Below is the Livestrong Facebook brand page, which they’ve done a really nice job with. If you look next to the Photos tile, you’ll see one called “Spread The Livestrong Word”, another called “Share Your Story”, “Blog”, and more. These are Tiles, or you can call them Tabs or App Boxes if you like. But each has been added with its own tile graphic, and when you click on them, there are a myriad of possibilities behind them.

I’ve created a full tutorial that will walk you through how to get creative with your Tiles over on my site at Have fun with it!

Dallas Social Media Optimization

How to set a preview on Facebook

It is very common for bloggers and businesses alike to share a link on Facebook. It’s a great way to share content you find online, or even from your own website. However, when many people share this information, there is one detail they often overlook: the Facebook description box.

What is this description box, exactly? It’s the place for you to share exactly what your post is about. The content can be generated in several different ways. If you just post the link without doing any type of work on the back end of your blog, then it will pull the first characters of your post. If you use the first sentence or two to very clearly describe each and every post you share, then this is no issue. However, this is rarely done in most posts and leaves an important optimization effort overlooked.

How can this be remedied? If you are on a WordPress blog, there are two ways. One way is to use a premium theme, such as Genesis Framework or the Thesis Theme. These themes offer built-in SEO settings that allow you to set a custom SEO document Title and- the key part here- a custom post/page meta description. In this description, you should use the 140 characters most search engines will read to clearly explain what your post is about and what message you want to convey. An alternative to using a specific premium theme is to use an SEO plugin such as Yoast. A plugin such as this one will give you the same optimized settings as a premium theme.

If you are not on WordPress or want to describe an article you are sharing from somewhere you have not written, then there is a different way to edit the description area. When you post the link to the article, Facebook will generate a preview. If you double-click on the text description in the preview, it will open up an edit box. You can then put in your own custom description explaining what the link you are sharing is all about.

What tips and tricks have you found to be useful for Facebook?

How to restore a draft in WordPress

Have you ever crafted the *perfect* post in WordPress? You spent a lot of time working on the content, adding in rich keywords, and loading a bunch of images that helped you tell your story just right? Then, when you came back to the draft to make some changes, you deleted half of the post. Or, perhaps you shut the window before you were done saving. Panic attack time, right?

Not necessarily, especially if you were working on a saved draft of the post in WordPress!

To recover a draft in WordPress, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to Dashboard–> All Posts.

2. Select the post you want to restore and click “edit”.

3. On the top right of the screen, click the “Screen Options” arrow to show this menu.

 4. Ensure that the “Revisions” checkbox is selected.

5. Once this box is selected, scroll all the way past your post entry box, past any seo options, etc underneath it until you see the revisions section on your post. The last revision may be by you, a collaborative author you work with, or even an auto save (which is the case in my example).

6. Click on the appropriate revision. If you want to compare two revisions, scroll down again to do select this. Once you select the appropriate copy, click Restore.

Once you land on the appropriate draft revision, hit publish or update, and you are good to go!