Because at Some Point this Summer You Will Need to Entertain Kids

Many of us work from home and have used school hours as office hours.

Summer messes with that schedule.

If you are like me you may find yourself scrambling to fit in some work hours amid family activities.

bored child

While I am a strong advocate for child boredom – letting them figure out something to entertain themselves – there is a point where adding in a little direction can be win-win.

The kids love doing something new and different.

I love that once they are engaged in something, it gives me the freedom to sneak in a little extra work time without sacrificing family.

That is one of the reasons why I am so proud of being part of 20 Moms {one of my dearest blog tribes}.  We {and by we, I mean mostly people who are way smarter than me} have pulled together a Summer Activities Pack {affiliate link} called Camp Mom {also an affiliate link…the same one if you are counting}.

Summer Activities Pack

Camp Mom:  Summer Activities Pack – $14.99 – Camp Mom can help YOU create a summer of memories with your kids.  It is chock full of mom-tested, kid-loved activities that are easily done at home without a bunch of extra supplies…

  • 86 pages of Summer SOLUTIONS like summer bucket list, summer routine sheet, theme activity planner, summer survival page.
  • Full activity instructions & list for water, art and nature themed weeks
  • Bonus:  Sensory Play Everyday theme with printable ideas
  • Quick Play Ideas for last minute fun

Plus when you order in the month of May, you get:


If you would like a chance to win a copy, please join us tonight for a Twitter Party:

camp mom twitter party

It will be great fun with a ton of strategies as to how to keep kids out of trouble allowing you to carve out a little time for guilt-free work!  I will be working from both @quirkymommasite and @texasholly twitter accounts at the party.

RSVP here to be eligible to win all sorts of fun prizes like copies of Camp Mom and a craft supply grab bag.

See ya tonight!

If you can't join us tonight, I hope you will check out Camp Mom.

I have used my affiliate link throughout this post and also receive income from sales of this book. – Holly



A Really Quick Entry GIVEAWAY

I went to BlissDom a few weeks ago.

I heard Jon Acuff speak about his new book, Start.  He gave us all an advance copy which I read and am in the process of re-reading.  It is THAT good – and perfect for those of us who are following our passions trying to make it work.

I am trying to drive as much traffic to the Start website as possible.

So, here is the deal – this is a super easy giveaway to enter worth $100 bucks of home improvement :).

And you can get additional entries by tweeting it each day:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you would like to embed this contest in your website, here is where you can find the embed code.


Just Push Record {Day 4} – Youtube Challenge

Welcome to Day 3 of the Just Push Record YouTube Challenge!

If you’re not sure what this challenge is check out YouTube Challenge Day 1 for all the details including the first assignment. Also, be sure to join the YouTube linky and follow others so you can grow your following over there.

YouTube challenge


In Day 3, I asked you to play around with the features built inside of YouTube – specifically annotations.  I hope that you had as much fun doing that as I did!  I also spoke about the social part of YouTube and how creating a community requires being social.


Yep, so your second task was to go leave at least 5 comments on videos you love or channels you follow.

Today is a very different!

I am trying something new today and hope it will inspire us all.  For the last few months, I have been regularly using G+ Hangouts on Air to interview smart people that I know to chat about blogging topics.

I could talk about blogging topics for days.

It all started a few weeks ago with this tweet from @theviewheels –

Author Win Charles tweetNow, I am a fan of adoration so I followed up on who this very bright person might be :).

And what I found was that Win Charles is an amazing person.

She is 25 years old and lives in Aspen, CO.  She has written a book.  She has a robust YouTube channel.  She lives with Cerebral Palsy.

So, when this tweet came along…

Author Win Charles tweet 2I thought it would be GREAT to get out of my comfort zone and hear how she does it.

OK, I really thought…OMG, I can’t do this because it is scary and I don’t know her what if I don’t know what to say or if there is awkward silence or what if I don’t know how to phrase things without offending her or if she thinks I am insensitive or to nosey or what if we push record and just sit there and look at each other and then after a while I end up making an excuse to stop like the doorbell rang or what if it is raining and my hair is all frizzy or I don’t sleep well the night before and can’t cover up the dark circles under my eyes or what if what if what if what if.

But what if I do it and learn something?

But what if we all can learn something from someone who has a better excuse than we do to not push record, but does it with grace?

So!  The interview will be hosted LIVE here at 10 am CDT in this box right here:

Once it is live, it will live here after the fact as well or you can watch it on my YouTube channel: Interview with Author Win Charles.

For the fourth day of the challenge, your task is to:

  • Try something new.  That may be tackling an interview, trying your first hangout on air, editing a video, shooting something in a different way.  

It is going to look like something different for each of us because each of our hesitations are specific to our fear.

Ways to make this task easier:

  • Enlist a friend!
  • Cut whatever you are thinking about doing in half.
  • Set a timer and research your idea for 15 minutes before starting it.  If someone else has done it, pattern yours after their success.

Once you are done, please leave a comment on this video on my YouTube channel and I will come over and say nice things!

We CAN do this.

Just push record.

Start by Jon Acuff


{BONUS Task} Just Push Record Challenge

I thought it would be fun to have a BONUS task on our Just Push Record Challenge.

What is the Just Push Record Challenge?

If you’re not sure what this challenge is check out YouTube Challenge Day 1 for all the details including the first assignment. The day 2 task can be found here.  Also, be sure to join the YouTube linky and follow others so you can grow your following over there.

just push record challenge


Bonus Task

Our good friend, Mama Kat, has been running a vlogging workshop for several months which has weekly vlogging prompts followed by a linky to link up your video.

I got involved in last week’s prompt with an Embarrassing Moment at School.

Here is the video I shared:

And here is Mama Kat’s video:


That was super fun!

If you would like to join us, please record your Embarrassing Moment at School and link it here.  You will also find a way to sign up for the weekly vlogging prompts by email and if you want to get started on next week’s prompt, they are…

  • Video intro {you ALREADY have this to link up if you are participating in the Just Push Record Challenge}!
  • Share something interesting you received in the mail.
  • Make a video about anything from the table in your kitchen.
  • Sisters Tag – see Mama Kat’s post for more information.
  • OR show us something that you are growing.

The cool thing is that you can also find some other vloggers to get to know and support while making sure your YouTube channel isn’t a ghost town.

I LOVE that!

Start by Jon Acuff


YouTube LinkUp Party – Whoo hoo!

Welcome to the YouTube LinkUp party!

YouTube LinkUp


One of the things that we will be emphasizing over the next few weeks is VIDEO.

You can do this.

I can do this.

Whether you plan on being the next YouTube star or just want to know how to make a short video to embed in your blog, we need to stick together on this because…

YouTube is scary.

You may have 20K followers on Twitter, but when you look at your 3 YouTube subscribers, you want to cry.

I know.  Me too.

One of them is my mom.

One of them is another one of my Google accounts.

The other one is likely to unsubscribe any day now.


Link Up YOUR YouTube channel below {the direct link to your YouTube channel or I will delete it :)}, and then subscribe to the others listed.  Stop back by in a few days and subscribe to the new listings.

In the end, we can create a community on YouTube too.

And now that you have added your YouTube channel and subscribed to the other participant’s YouTube channel, take a look at this:

Watch B2B next week for more information on a new series on video – so it gets easier to push RECORD.

Oh, and here is the information about the book mentioned in the video:

Start by Jon Acuff