When a Blog Contract includes Exclusivity

I often refer to the state of the internet as the wild west.

We have rolled out in covered wagons and staked our claim, but don’t exactly know what the future holds.  Many of us are making this up as we go along.

Exclusive Contract B2B

The good thing about making it up as we go is that we learn a lot.  And we become the experts for the next generation of settlers.

The bad thing about making it up as we go is that there are a lot of problems where there are multiple solutions – and not obvious which one might be in our best interest.

I really feel like exclusivity is one of those things.

What does being exclusive mean?

That is our first dilemma.  It means different things to different companies.  When I get approached with a contract or spoken agreement that includes language of exclusivity, I try to initially understand WHY it is there.  What is the company afraid I might do?  Who are they trying to keep me from working with?

The second part of this issue is length of time.  We know that things can change drastically in a matter of months!  In one situation, I signed an exclusive contract for 2 years when I had 10,000 page views a month.  By the time that contract ended, I had over a million.  The opportunities I had at a million page views are VERY different than the ones I was given at 10K…but I couldn’t have predicted that!

The third thing I always make clear is WHAT platform the exclusive part pertains.  I would NEVER include my FB page.  A company couldn’t pay me enough to make that worthwhile.  I also make sure that they understand that my sidebar ads and on-image ads are NOT included – just blog content.  Or in another contract, I am exclusive for video to one company, but that doesn’t include my blog.

What should I do?

You have to step back and look at it with perspective.  What might be best for your blog?  Once you come up with what seems reasonable, then go back to negotiate.

Everything is negotiable.

I would ALWAYS ask for a shorter time frame.  I don’t care if they said 6 months.  I go back with the suggestion of 3.

I would ALWAYS ask for more money.  Depending on the time frame, it may be 3x my usual rate.  I have to protect myself from potential income loss based on this contract.

I would ALWAYS clarify terms and mention or ask that it be removed altogether.

The goal of negotiation is not to lose the contract or play hardball, but protect what I have built.  In most cases, the way I do business normally is what the company is trying to put in legal terms.  Am I going to post sponsored posts for Chevy and Ford on the same day?  Never.  But they don’t know that and they may have run into another blogger with another philosophy so clarifying your blog vision often makes it easier to come to an agreement.

I think it is easy to let our emotions get involved especially when it is a client that we adore, but this is business.  And how much are you going to adore them in 18 months if you feel like you were slighted?


Bloggers and Affiliates

I went to the Affiliate Summit last week and it was a very eye-opening experience.

First, it was HUGE.  So many people…so many booths.  I think the final count was over 5K.

Second, there were not very many bloggers!

affiliate marketing


That is what I left with…why aren’t there as many bloggers as affiliates or more?

I know from my own experience that it is easier to take a sponsored post or place a sidebar ad.  These are things that have a relatively known ROI.  I write for 3 hours and make $150.  I place the HTML code in my sidebar and receive $1 for every thousand visitors.

The math may differ from time of year or after a growth spurt, but generally we know what we are making when we enter into those ‘safe’ blogging income sources.

Because there is so much to do, I sometimes find that I stick to what is safe and known vs. what I will have to research and take a chance on.

Is it just me or could we literally work 24 hours a day and never get “everything” done?

Affiliates are Hard

That is what my brain tells me.  I mean, there is an infinite amount of possibilities on:

  1. What to write about.
  2. When to publish it.
  3. Where to publish it.

It is all very overwhelming.  With a sponsored post, you might have to get creative, but it is within a specific set of guidelines or topics.

With affiliates, the sky is the limit.

Where to Start

By doing.

I talk about this all the time – the blogger’s advantage.  We have learned to stop worrying about perfection and just hit publish!  That is what we need to do here too.

Pick one thing and start working toward a complete published blog post.  Then pick another.  We need to get a few posts up on our blog to test what is going to work or not.

That data can’t be formulated on posts that are floating in my head (now that is a WP plugin I would pay good money for…what is in Holly’s head?).

It is still overwhelming, but here are some hints on how to get started:

  • Retrofit.  Go look at your highest SEARCHED posts and add appropriate product affiliate links.  You won’t even have to write anything new!
  • Favorites.  One of the reasons I started blogging was to share my opinions, yet I forget to write about stuff I love that aren’t sponsored!  Grab that favorite lip gloss, ingredient or automobile and tell us what you like and what you would improve.
  • Dreams.  What are products you would buy if money weren’t an object?  Why?  How would it change your life?

The Next Step

Watch your affiliate reports over the next week/month/year.  Make changes that you think will improve the performance.  Don’t be afraid to tinker!

Repeat successes.

Consistently add content.  Even one post a month ends up to be a dozen in a year.

Do The Math

Remember that 3 hours that I made $150 on with a sponsored post?  Well, what about the affiliate post that I spent 3 hours on and now generates around $300 a month?  For 18 months.

That is $5400.

Oh, and no one told me what to write.  I chose that.

There will be misses.  There will be hits.  Sometimes you will lose a little time investment, sometimes you will break even and occasionally you will make a good amount of money.




Hear Me Out App

Oh y’all know how I love to talk…

Hear Me Out

Well, I have found an entirely new way to talk across multi-platforms.

Lord have mercy on my followers.

It is the Hear Me Out App.

Hear Me Out App

Hear Me Out App

Hear Me Out is a social media platform all in itself.  It is available for both iPhone and Android.  Think of it as Instagram for voice.

You can record up to 40 second snippets.

It is really fun.

And a bit addicting.

When you join…look for me!  I am Holly Homer on Hear Me Out.

Wild Organic FB Daily Tasks on Hear Me Out

And then you can join my daily Wild Organic FB Growth journey with simple daily tasks by searching the #HollyFB hashtag.  From that hashtag you can find #intro #day1 #day2 and so on.

And the tasks aren’t long because I can only explain them for 40 seconds!

Alrighty!  See you…I mean HEAR you on Hear Me Out!





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Organic FB Growth Podcast with Lawrence Tam

OK, I have to admit I love chatting!

B2B - lets chat fb growth

So it was super fun to meet and talk to Lawrence Tam from Internet Marketing Mentor.

Our conversation is HERE.

And while you are there, be sure to check out some of Lawrence’s other podcasts…I did.

And it lead me on a fun journey of learning!

Because I Can’t Shut Up About FB…

You can also hear me speak on FB later this month at Blog Elevated {tickets still available!} and I just found out I will be speaking at Social Media Marketing World in March {great sale going on right now}.

I hope you will join me there as well…we will have some FUN!