Crazy FB Math for Bloggers

Oh the mysteries of FB math when it comes to post reach.

I am tearing back the curtain and showing you the reality – OK, that was a bit dramatic, but I am showing a few things I have learned over the last month watching the wild ride that is FB exposure.

Great FB Exposure Disappearing Act - Business 2 Blogger


There is hope.

In fact, limited exposure of your posts to ALL your fans can give you the freedom to post more often knowing that only the best of what you post will actually been seen by the majority.

Silver linings!

Check out all I have to say on the subject.  I am also answering questions that people have sent me:

Be sure to leave your questions in the comments below and I will answer them on a later video.





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    Hi Holly, this video was so helpful and has given me a lot of encouragement! FB use to be my #1 referring site. However sometime around October-November they started blocking any link from my blog. Anytime someone clicks on a link to the blog, a spam warning pops up. I have tried numerous times to contact them and have them remove the warning, because it has completely killed my FB traffic. I have started posting links to either my Pinterest pins or bloglovin feeds. I am so frustrated because I can’t tell how many of those actually come back to the blog page. Do you have any suggestions for this? I have had everyone I know click the not spam button, but it hasn’t done any good. Most other links I share are fine, it is just the ones going back to my blog that have a problem. Thank you for any help you can give!

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      Meredith, I think this is happening to any link that you click on via mobile. I’ve seen it on everything I’ve tried to click through while using my phone but do not get the message when on my PC. I click through anyways and have yet to have a problem. Maybe instead of trying to get FB to cooperate instead notify your audience of the change so they know it’s okay to click through.

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        …and if you want to make sure it’s just your blog link causing the issue why not use a different link as a test? You can change your blog’s permalink using or if you subscribe to you can use that too. There are other options but it’s all the same concept. (Although, I do think you’ll have the same issues since it’s FB’s way of trying to scare people into staying on their site.)