Hire a Blogger

Business2Blogger is an fantastic place to hire a blogger. Why? B2B has a Blog database of well over 6500 writers across the US, so finding you Bloggers in most major US Cites, Canada, the UK and Australia is a piece of cake. Need to find a blogger to promote your product or service? Have a local event coming up? Need to fill the room with local blogs/bloggers? Business2Blogger makes it ridiculously easy.

There have been much debate lately about how to hire a blogger. Mostly the consensus has been that Brands/Businesses need to develop relationships with Bloggers, and we couldn’t agree more. But Googling and cold-emailing Bloggers is SOOOO Web 1.0. If the ultimate goal is to hire a blogger, doesn’t it make more sense to find the easiest way to approach a large number of bloggers, and see who is interested? Then you can research the applicants to your heart’s content, and hire only the ones YOU want!! That’s where B2B comes in.

How can you use B2b?

Run your Job on The Board,
Tell the Bloggers about your event,
and that you need Blogs/Bloggers in a specific geographic location.
Tell them what’s exciting about your promotion, and what you’ll need them to do.

We promote local events all the time on the Job Board, and have the ability to find you Blogs for any promotional purpose. Our Bloggers get really excited about local events… it’s a chance for them to kanoodle with other Bloggers!

What do you do?

  • You post your Job on the Job Board. Business2Blogger gives you the ability to run a basic free Job listing to find local Bloggers for your event, or upgrade for wider distribution.
  • The Bloggers come running. Our Bloggers flood the board when a new project arrives!
  • You pick your Bloggers. We give you details on the Bloggers who are interested in working with you, and you choose who you want to work with!
  • You get your Bloggers started. We give you the Blogger’s contact info, and you drop them an email to get started.

And that’s all there is to it…

Get Started Now!!