Writing an eBook {Tip 4 of 30}

Writing is e-book is my favorite way to make money.  Why?  The money just keeps rollin’ in.   In all seriousness – it really is a great way to have some passive income.  I say passive income because although I worked at it at first, I don’t have to work at it anymore.   E-books are great like that.  It’s like building a house… design it, lay it all out, build it & then you get to enjoy it.

write an ebook

Here are my 5 tips for writing an e-book:

1- GO FOR IT!   This video will give you just what you need to get going with your ebook:

2- Start drafting it! 
The hardest thing about writing a book, for me, is getting started.   Once I get going, I’m good for the long-haul.   Just open Microsoft Word (or whatever you use for writing) and start to write.

3- Don’t set your chapters in stone just yet (don’t even number them yet!). 
I normally lay out my chapters in a notebook – how I want them to look, but I don’t set them in stone.  I don’t even organize them chapters until the end of the book.    I don’t number them because chances are that your chapter #2 will later become chapter #6 and chapter #6 will later become chapter #2.

4- Make your cover STAND OUT!
I promise you, if you make a fantastic, out of this world book, but have a ‘blah’ cover, you will not make as much money on your book as you hope.   Ask 20 people for help if you need to.   Ask in your favorite FB group (or even ask in our closed share group!)   I design my covers like I design my blog posts – simple, yet effective.   Bright, but not obnoxious!
You can see with my Potty Train in a Weekend book that it clearly tells you what the book is about by the cover.  No questions:    Potty train- check.   Weekend time frame-check.   Mom of four did it- check.

5- I really try not to use fancy phrases or wording with the tagline.
I want to be very simple and clear.  This is what people like to read.  I am not going to ‘spice it up’ because I don’t want to risk losing any readers.   Does this make sense?   So some people might say “Toilet training successfully within reach” or whatever, but I just “dumb it down” so to say: “Mom of four shares the secret to having your child potty trained in one weekend”.  It is clear as day what you will get out of this book.If you aren’t clear on your cover, you won’t get many clicks to your page.

6-Sell it in E-Junkie or even through a plugin on your site.
 This is very easy and it lets you keep your money.  With e-junkie, you pay $5 a month, but you keep 100% of the profits.   Then head over to createspace and turn your ebook into a physical book (be forewarned- they do keep about 50% of your earnings).


Check out our OWN e-book right here:

Tracking Your Income {Tip 3 of 30}

As soon as you start making any sort of income, you want to start tracking it!

Even if you don’t expect to be making very much money this year, you never know how much you might earn by the end of the year, especially if you stick around here! We want to help you make more than you thought possible, THIS YEAR!

track blogging income

Here are a few things that will help as you start monetizing:

  • Have a separate bank account – keep your blog money and your regular money in different places so everything is easier to track. This will help you as a business and will really come in handy if you happen to be audited down the road.
  • Track Expenses – When you start monetizing, you can also start tracking your business expenses! That means things like blog hosting, domain name registration or even stock photo purchases or blog training materials are now tax deductible!
  • Track Products – One thing that often gets overlooked is the tracking of free products! If you get a product in exchange for a review or as payment for a post, not only do you have to disclose that you got a free product to your audience, but you also are also required to report those on your taxes (at least in the US, probably other countries too). Write down the product you received and it’s estimated retail value and you should be covered.

Enjoy this video where I show you the easiest way to get started tracking your income and sorting all of your information!

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Affiliate Marketing {Tip 2 of 30}

One of my absolute favorite strategies for blog monetization is affiliate marketing.

This is such a key way to make money on your blog, because it will be around for a long time. Affiliate links create a passive income for your site. All you have to do is re-promote a post and you will likely see some new affiliate purchases!

affiliate marketing tips

A few tips to help you up your affiliate marketing game:

1. Don’t limit yourself to posts – You can share affiliate links on social too! Try to find fabulous deals, or share something so spectacular people can’t help but click. Toy around with it and see what you audience responds best to, and do a lot of it! Always remember to disclose affiliate links, even on social!

2. Make it enticing – You don’t have to give a full on description of what you are linking. Make it feel natural to the flow of your post. In writing a recipe post you could seamlessly link out to your favorite mixing bowls, or even the ingredients you are using, if some of them can be purchased on amazon!

3. Do a round up – Yes, a round up of affiliate links! Be careful that it doesn’t come off as too commercially, but you can pull of a successful affiliate round up with some creativity and of course being careful to make the post relevant and useful for your readers!

Lastly, check out this video for my TOP affiliate marketing tip! This was a game changer for my blog, and for many people that we’ve coached as well!


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Sponsored Posts {Tip 1 of 30}

I know that many bloggers are hesitant to write their first sponsored post, but these sponsored post tips will help!   It can feel like you are doing a commercial or maybe you worry that you are going to clog up your feed with paid posts.  I am here to tell you that you can do it with class and it can be a great thing for your blog!

5 tips for a great sponsored post

I write a lot of sponsored posts for yourmodernfamily.com.  As you can see from my income report, a lot of my money comes from my sponsored posts.   I stay true to my blog and I only take ones that pertain to what my blog is about.  I have had to turn down many along the way, but I have also had some amazing opportunities come from my sponsored posts.

Here are 5 tips when creating your sponsored posts:

1- Keep it simple, silly!  
When you use words like “this innovative product just released to retailers is capturing families and youth with its resounding ability to transform daily, monotonous tasks into meaningful tasks….” it sounds like it is an ad.  When you say things like “I love this new product!  I am so lucky to have it already, since it was only recently released into my favorite stores!   It has the ability to really make life so much easier!”

2- Remember to do it (& do it on time) with these easy tools
The best case scenario is to have your draft written up a few days in advance.   My tip to keep everything straight is to put it on Trello right away (a great little website that you should look into!) and to also put it into my WP Calendar Plugin.   This just keeps me more organized and I can go into my calendar plugin and edit it right there.   Easy as pie (Where did that phrase come from, anyway?   Pie is not easy to make… it should be “easy as EATING pie”)

3- Pictures are worth a thousand words… or a thousand dollars, in this case! 
It’s true.  Pictures say more than our words.  They are what bring our audience into our blog. They are what grab them and say “WOAH!  YOU NEED TO READ ME!”   Make your picture count.   It is going to be your key to getting a lot of views on your post, which will be your key to getting more posts, which will be your key to making an income with your sponsored posts!

4- Be kind! 
I can’t say this one enough.  Be kind to those people that are employing you to write a post for them.   It is just an easy way to put yourself above the rest.   I am always kind and respectful with the companies that contact me.  I try to go above and beyond by editing things or adding things (when they ask).

5- How to make it work.
For my fifth tip, I thought that it would be fun to do a video!  Check out my favorite tip for doing a sponsored post:


Here is another post on How to write a sponsored post to keep your sponsors coming back for more:


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