Promote an App

Business2Blogger is an fantastic vehicle for App developers. Why? Because using Bloggers to promote your App is an extremely inexpensive and effective way to create a buzz around your product.

How can you use B2b?

Run your Job on The Board,
Offer Bloggers a free copy your App in return for a written review of it on their Blog,
And ask them to promote it on Facebook and Twitter!

We have had numerous developers promote in this way, and our Bloggers always get excited about reviewing a new App!

What do you do?

  • You post your Job on the Job Board. Business2Blogger gives you the ability to run a basic free Job listing to find bloggers who are interested in reviewing your App, or upgrade for wider distribution.
  • The Bloggers come running. Our Bloggers flood the board when a new project arrives!
  • You pick your Bloggers. We give you details on the Bloggers who are interested in working with you, and you choose who you want to work with!
  • You get your Bloggers started. We give you the Blogger’s contact info, and you drop them an email to get started.

And that’s all there is to it…

Get Started Now!!