How do you use Business 2 Blogger?

The Job Board

Find Bloggers and social media professionals to work on your promotion.
Post your job, view the blogger responses, then pick only the ones you want to work with.

  • Step 1 – Have Your Job Listing Details Ready.
  • Step 2 – Get Started. Click the “Post a Job” Button below. If you haven’t already created an account, the system will prompt you.
  • Step 3 – Enter Your Job Details. Be specific! Let the Bloggers know what you need them to do, and what you’re offering. The more detail the better. And remember, the more you offer them, the better the chances that higher profile Bloggers will respond!
  • Step 4 – Upgrade Your Job Listing. Attract MORE and BETTER Bloggers!
  • Step 5 – View Your Job Listing Results. At any time while your job listing is on the Job Board, or at any time after its 10 day listing period, you can view the blogger responses to your opportunity. You will be able to see limited information about your bloggers in the basic job results, but without contact information.
  • Step 6 – Get Your Blogger’s Contact Information. To view all the contact data for the bloggers you are interested in, you will need to purchase credits. Once you spend a credit on a blogger you want to contact, you’ll then be able to view their contact information.
  • Step 7 – Contact Your Bloggers. Now that you have your favorite Blogger’s contact info, our job as “Matchmaker” is complete. Email your Bloggers, remind them that you found them through B2B (because they get a LOT of email!), and get them started working for you! They will be ready and waiting for your email!


B2B Consulting

Business2Blogger Consulting designs and executes small and large scale social media promotions across the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Utilize Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter for local or national exposure. B2B designs very specific campaigns to suit your needs, and hand-picks your results. Find Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers. Design a local event, a national product promotional campaign, or any Blogger outreach program that our Job Board won’t satisfy. Contact B2B Consulting HERE. Custom promotions start at $1500.

Business 2 Blogger has run over 700 social media campaigns since 2009, small and large, filling over 8000 blogging positions on 4 continents.

  • Heelys – Large scale national promotion.
  • SnackTaxi – Consumer Products.
  • Activision – Multi-city blogger events.
  • Greenleaf Book Group – Book reviews and promotion.
  • Medieval Times – Local blogger event and promotion.

Read more about some of our creative social media & blogger successes here.



Delivery Method/Timing
Jobs submitted for The Job Board will be approved or rejected within 12 hours, but usually within 2 hours. When resulting contact information is purchased from the blogger submissions, your blogger contact information will be immediately accessible from your account.

Some General Advice:
1. Be detailed and clear.
2. The better your offer, the more Bloggers will apply.
3. Higher traffic Bloggers will respond to higher offers.

Here are some examples:

1 Credit = 1 Blogger.
You can purchase as few or as many as you wish.
Each new account receives one free Blogger Credit.