Large scale national promotion. Heelys used Business2Blogger to locate 500 Bloggers to use, review and promote their fantastic wheeled shoes on blogs, Facebook and Twitter.


Multi-city Blogger events. Wildly popular gaming company Activision used B2B to find Bloggers in key markets and orchestrate Blogger meetups/promotions focused on girls gaming.

Medieval Times

Local blogger event and promotion. Medieval times designed a brand new show, and kicked it off in Dallas with a Blogger event. Bloggers attended the brand new show and raved about it on Blogs, FB and Twitter.

Greenleaf Book Group

Book reviews and promotion. The Greenleaf Book Group is a publisher and distributor that specializes in the development of independent authors and the growth of small presses. Greenleaf has used Business 2 Blogger to find Bloggers interested in reviewing books and promoting through social media.


Consumer Products promotion. Snacktaxi has a unique product that proved to be very popular with our Bloggers. They used B2B Bloggers to write reviews, run giveaways, post pictures, and rave about Snacktaxi versatility on Blogs, FB and Twitter.

25 Silver

Product review campaign. 25 Silver used B2B to find mommy bloggers help promote their fantastic line of jewelry and accessories.

Juppy Baby Walker

Consumer Products promotion. The Juppy is an innovative device used by parents to help teach their child to walk, while saving the backs of parents! Juppy realized early on that they could promote extremely effectively by using Bloggers to speak to their Mommy followers on Blogs, FB and Twitter.


Product review campaign. Reuseit used B2B to find bloggers help promote their popular assortment of reusables aimed at eliminating disposables from every part of your life.

Best Pet Health

Product review campaign. Best Pet Health used B2B to find Pet and family bloggers to help promote their extensive live of pet goods.

Product review campaign. used B2B to find mommy bloggers help promote their beautiful line of prom and evening dresses.