Using Pinterest to Find Your Own Content

Blogging is a funny thing.  If you have been doing it awhile, you might forget what you wrote.

That happens to me ALL THE TIME.

Pinterest is a really good visual way to have that presented to you when you need it.

Here are three ways I use Pinterest regularly for finding what I wrote/published on Kids Activities Blog.

Pinterest Source URL

To find out what OTHER people have pinned in real-time from your website, then you want to use the source URL.  For Kids Activities Blog it is:

You can simply exchange my blog URL for yours in the end portion of the above link to find yours.

And this is what pops up:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.37.40 PM

These are things from my blog that people JUST pinned.  The cool thing is that Pinterest seems to favor some of our old blog content, so often I see things pop up here that I haven’t thought about in awhile.

For instance, I have a 4 pm spot reserved for a Kids Activities Blog parenting-type post on our FB page…that Raising Creative Kids post would be perfect!  It is a post I haven’t promoted in awhile, but is one of my favorites.

I also use the source url all the time when pinning or promoting content of my friend’s blogs.  If I can’t even remember what I write, I really can’t remember what they did!  But a quick search can visually give me ideas for super easy shares.

The other bonus of this search is that it is timely!  When Easter decor is hot, I find that my Easter-related pins pop up here…even if they are from Easter-pasts!

Blog Board

The first board I list on my profile is one named after my blog:

Holly Homer Pinterest Profile


I try and pin everything that is on Kids Activities Blog on this board.  I also don’t mind re-pinning things multiple times on this board…it is mine.  I get to set the rules!

Kids Activities Blog Pinterest Board


I think this works well to expose what Kids Activities Blog is all about to potential readers.  It also gives me a way to see how balanced our content is – if I were to go and see all recipes listed in the last 6 spots, I would know we are having some sort of editorial calendar crisis!

But you can see, we have a good sample of what KAB is all about – some simple crafts, free printables, easy DIY play recipe, fun parenting resource, some holiday food and a core kid activity – cereal bracelets.

Pinterest Analytics

If you click into your Pinterest analytics, the third box at the top of the page is the “activity” from your blog.

Click the more button!

PInterest AnalyticsAs you can see, three of the top 5 spaces are occupied with the 2 Ingredient Carpet Stain Cure post.  If I hadn’t noticed that we were featured as the first spot in a cleaning tips roundup on BuzzFeed yesterday, I might be off on a chase to find out where all these people are finding that post!

This gives me the feedback of what is hot right now from my blog.  People may be interested in spring cleaning.  Maybe I should re-pin that post on a few of my other boards over the next few days and post it to FB and other social channels!

I also like to look down the “clicks” column because my goal is traffic to KAB, not the glory of high re-pin numbers.  What I usually find is some hidden gems of pins down the list that are delivering the traffic.  For instance…

Pinterest pin with good click throughs


This pin is delivering the most traffic for the re-pin amount.  This would be something that I would want to re-pin to some other boards and might even send to a friend or two for a little help <—totally legal if you would do the same for them!

Pinterest to Source Your Content

I think Pinterest is one of the easiest and quickest places to find something that you have already written that might be in need of a little extra promotion.

Go forth and seek!



When Scheduling Pins is Like Pinning

One of the basic problems I have had with every single Pinterest scheduler I have used until now is that they are awkward and take longer to schedule than it takes to pin.

Part of Pinterest’s charm is the ease in which you pin.


Yet Pinterest schedulers are more like a quiz than a quick pin.

That is why I am IN LOVE with BoardBooster (affiliate link).

When you “schedule” a pin, you actually just pin it.


BoardBooster does this with secret boards that hold all your upcoming pins in a queue.  Once you have set up your secret board’s schedule, then all you have to do is pin {just like you would pin anytime} to those boards.

I am not even joking.

I have been using it for a month or so and it has CHANGED MY PINNING LIFE.

The cool thing is that the founder is really receptive to suggestions and has already made some changes that I asked for.  I really think the addition of days of the week should be labeled “Holly’s days of the week” because that idea was all mine…

Suddenly what was massive spreadsheets to show the flow of a pin can be created much more simply with the secret board schedule and then when I pin…I PIN.

Go, get it now.  Seriously.  You will be in love too.


7 Days of Pinterest Adventure – Join Me!

As many of you know, I have been concentrating much of my social media time on Facebook over the last few months.  It has been worth my time and energy and the resulting blog traffic has been awesome.

Pinterest strategy

The problem is that you can’t be EVERYWHERE at once.  So, some of my other social media profiles have suffered…

anyone following me on G+ right now probably believes that I am dead.

This week I am taking back my Pinterest account from quiet slumber.

I am devoting 1 hour per day to the account and writing about it here at B2B so you can join me if your Pinterest has also been sleeping!

On your mark, get set, go…60 minutes on the clock.

What I did today – DAY ONE

First 20 minutes –

  1. Deleted boards – I went through quickly and deleted 15 boards that I was a contributor, but hadn’t pinned anything in 6 months.  I figured if I hadn’t used it, the space could be given to someone else!  I have over 100 boards…so it is getting a bit ridiculous.  I have a feeling I will be able to delete a few more as I get deeper into this, but for now 15 seems a lot lighter!
  2. Renamed a board – I had one board that I started that I hadn’t used much.  It had good content, so I renamed it something that was related, but would get more use.
  3. Look at my secret boards – I haven’t used these much, so I was unfamiliar with what I was thinking when I started them!  Getting re-acquainted with the possibilities…

Second 20 minutes –

Pinned/scheduled my new blog content {6 pins} and found 15 other quality pins to schedule/share from other blogs/websites.

Last 20 minutes –

I found my largest 3 boards and because they are all boards that I am a contributor to, I read the description/instructions and wrote those down!  I created a “schedule” to use them to their fullest potential finding posts that fit the boards and either scheduling them or adding them to a spread sheet that will make it an easy share later this week.

Whew.  OK, I feel like I have just scratched the surface of what needs to be accomplished, but the good news is that there are solid pins going out today and for the rest of the week on my top 3 boards...and tomorrow is another day!


After day one, I realized how big this job was going to be!  So, my main project today is to get a bit more done without feeling completely overwhelmed.

Baby steps.

Today, I spent the majority of my time finding the rest of my top 10 boards – the ones that seem to get the best re-pin rate.  The funny thing is that it isn’t always a numbers game.  Some of my smaller boards do better than the larger ones.

But, I wanted to identify my top 10 boards {that I am a contributor too} so that I could have those with a scheduling plan by the end of the day.

Oh, and I also noticed this morning when I looked at my blog live Google Analytics is that the morning is REALLY low for Pinterest traffic.  I don’t know if that is because I don’t pin in the morning to my blog or if it is just a low traffic time.  I am going to schedule some early morning pins for a week or two and see if I can change that pattern at all.


 Shhh…life got in the way and day three was a bit later than day three.

I hung out on Pinterest and took a hard look at the remaining boards.  I had 110 boards remaining after day one.  That is still REALLY OVERWHELMING.

My first investigation was to look at how many people were on a new board when I created it.  For me, that is around 30K.  When I got to looking at many of the group boards I was a member of, I noticed that they had a smaller following.  I started removing myself from those boards unless they had a crazy-high repin rate.

I deleted myself from 24 more boards.

I had to be pretty ruthless.  I needed to get this under control!  Ack!

After all that deleting, I noticed that I was down about 500 followers…not bad for deleting 1/4th of my boards.


After the board purge, I was feeling better about what was left.  It was something that seemed to be manageable.

I am attacking it from two different ways –

  1. The top 10 boards will be scheduled and handled separately from the rest – many of them have restrictive rules.  I plan on pinning to these once a day unless not allowed.
  2. The rest of the boards are ones that are mine or smaller group boards or group boards with liberal rules.  I plan on using these to pin an additional 20 pins a day from a spreadsheet that I will be creating tomorrow.


OK today, I tackled the top 10 boards with a spreadsheet to keep track.  If you know me, you know I am NOT a spreadsheet person.  They hurt my head!  BUT I love giving my opinion, so using Google Docs to create a form that feeds into a spreadsheet is something I do ALL THE TIME.

I created a form that asked for my link, pinned photo notes and which boards the pin is appropriate for:

Pinterest board scheduling

So, the first time I go in, I fill this out.

When I am ready to pin again, I access the spreadsheet portion of the form and delete the board name when it is pinned to that board.  When an entry is completely pinned to all appropriate boards, then I delete the line entry.  If there is another photo in that post that also can be pinned, I would start that as a separate entry.

Each of these top 10 boards I am pinning daily {unless the rules say otherwise}.  I am using Curalate by creating buffers for each board so they go out just once a day.  I also like that I can schedule a bunch all at once – like a whole week ahead and then add when time allows.




Using Social Media Stats for Blogging Goals

Last week we talked a little bit about Google Analytics and how it can help your blog to ACT on what you find.

Today I want to take that a little bit further and look at some social media stats and how that can help your blog.  Stats are everywhere these days and we should recognize the power of these stats and capture them for GOOD!

listen to what social media is telling you - B2B


I love hashtags on Twitter & G+.  And although this doesn’t qualify as a “statistic”, I think it is something that we should consider when blogging.  If you are consistently using a hashtag on social media, you may want to take a second look at whether you are regularly WRITING blog content with that as a keyword.

With the hashtag being searchable, it is a VERY good idea to have your name associated with a hashtag in your genre, but don’t leave your blog out of the loop!  Create consistent content using that keyword too!  This proves to Google that not only do you interact with that hashtag online, but you aren an expert in it because you are writing about it as well.

Top Pins

Pinterest’s analytics are getting richer by the year.  Many third party apps are also helpful in analyzing Pinterest stats.  Viral Tag, Ahalogy and Curalate are all things that I regularly use to help me determine what my most popular pins are at any given time.  But you actually don’t need super fancy graphs because what you can find under “analytics” in Pinterest is pretty awesome.

Pinterest - Most Clicked AnalyticsMy favorite page in analytics is my “most clicked” pins.

It is one thing to have a lot of re-pins, but if they are not consistently being clicked on, then what is the point?  My bottom line is to generate blog traffic which means people actually have to CLICK OVER TO THE POST!

Once you find which pins are generating the best click-throughs, then it is easy to create content that fits well with your blog and delivers visitors from Pinterest.

Top FB Posts

Even if your top FB posts are not from your blog, you can learn what is resonating with your fans!  I click through to the POSTS page in FB insights:

FB Insights Page AnalyticsWhile it is helpful to look at the orange bar to see how many people saw that post on my page, when I am looking for things that are important to post about on my blog, then I check out the blue bar.  The blue bar is going to reflect the number of click-throughs to my blog {or someone else’s blog}.  Notice a theme here?

What good is social media for bloggers if it isn’t driving blog traffic?

You may have a good answer for that, but in order for me to justify my time and energy on a social media platform, I need to see results in the form of passive income generated from my blog!

While the pink bar looks good on my FB page – likes, comments and shares – it is the blue bar that is working on my blog’s behalf.  I take a look at what I am already writing that is doing well and what might be a formula to improving other content.

If you are not familiar with FB stats, you might want to watch my FB math video.




Some Thoughts on Pinterest

As I have mentioned, I write a blog in the kids activities space which means a ton of my readers are on Pinterest {or found me through Pinterest}.

go to bed after one more pin

Pinterest was a social network that I came kicking and screaming to a little late in the game because I was finding a good portion of my website traffic was Pinterest-based.  I joined soon after you didn’t need an invite.

Yep, I joined with the masses.

I am not fond of being part of the masses because it ups the level of difficulty for getting noticed, but at that point in my blogging life taking on yet another social network seemed like a daunting task.

Over the last two years, I have slowly, yet steadily increased my following and find Pinterest holds a place in my top 3 referral sources every single month.

You can follow me on Pinterest here.

So, how does a blogger who was a bit late to the party and never featured on a must-follow list stand out?  Here are a few things I have learned over the last few years that I hope you find helpful.

If you could leave your Pinterest tips in the comments, I would adore to know how you are doing it.

Tips for Pinterest

  1. Pin Daily – I know this is obvious, but I often skip a day or two out of necessity and I always regret it.  I ONLY get followers when I pin.  So every day I skip is a day I am just leaving followers on the table.  Since my website published twice a day I am also giving up some valuable and early promotion space when I don’t pin things immediately.
  2. Pin to Multiple Boards – NOT ALL AT ONCE.  Please not all at once.  If you pin to multiple boards all at once, I will hunt you down!  Pin the same post to all your boards that are applicable, but over time.  I like to leave at least a day in between pinning or re-pinning a post so that there is a lot of content between those pins and I don’t spam my followers with the same pin without variety.  But many of my boards fit a lot of my content.  By systematically making sure that things are pinned where they fit, I can make sure I am doing everything in my power to get the word out about that AMAZING post :).
  3. Pin Generously – Pinterest is where you can be completely generous with your influence.  Grab the best posts from all your fellow bloggers and pin the heck out of them.  If it is amazing, you want to pin it!  It will attract new followers for you and help them out as well.
  4. Pin Often – There is some controversy out there right now about how many pins is acceptable.  Rumor has it that Pinterest has suggested no more than 30 per day, but I know power pinners who are doing 3x that amount without any issues with Pinterest {and no one can really cite where that 30 per day came from}.  I shoot for at least 30 – with 2/3rds of that being other people’s content.
  5. Pin Beautiful – It HAS to be pretty.  The only substitute for pretty is GENIUS.  So, if it isn’t pretty or GENIUS, then don’t pin it.
  6. Delete Pins – If a pin didn’t do well, delete it!  Why have that on your board?  On my collaborative boards, I go through almost daily and delete anything that didn’t get at least 10 re-pins.  If the people on Pinterest didn’t like it, it is GONE.
  7. Find the Best Boards and Exploit – Because there just isn’t enough time in the world to spend all day on Pinterest, you are going to have to make some time management decisions.  Identify your most effective boards and pin there first.  Check this article about Tailwind if you are in search of that information.
  8. Schedule Wisely – I use ViralTag to schedule my pins because I can spread things out over the entire day/night, yet mimic the “bolus” effect of natural pinning.  When people sit down and pin they naturally will pin a bunch of things in a row.  Be thoughtful of that if you use a scheduler since it is unnatural to have things going out every 20 minutes or so.
  9. Schedule Your Own Content Last – This seems counter-intuitive, but the end of each of the pin groups should be your own pins back to your website so they get the longest stream exposure.
  10. Have Fun?  Yes, it is pretty obvious when a pinner is just pinning for work or pinning for fun.  If it isn’t fun, then you need to figure out a way to increase the happiness of your pin stream.